It's over? Already?

Customer Curiosity

Day 2 - and the final day of R-Squared - I am stunned to see it end, but energized to take it all back to Pueblo!  The day began with a rousing and provocative session on creativity - and using it in a thoughtful and structured way to bring ideas out that will benefit customers and libraries.  Customer Curiosity gave us a planning format to explore a specific idea - how to plan Banned Books Week - and then a short amount of time to accomplish it.  The ideas that came out were incredibly "outside-the-box" and completely do-able.  Shut down Wi-Fi...allow customers to ban books for a week...arrest teachers...etc.  Though these ideas sound like a crazy way for a library to create awareness about an important issue...the fact is they would do just that - create awareness - and begin a conversation with a customer.  An astounding amount of work came out of that session...and I think we all left with ideas rolling around in our brains - and the inspiration to work with our staff to do more!

Our afternoon Idea Jam was fun and fabulous.  More great tools to engage staff in creative planning and outside-the-box thinking.  Some libraries are already doing thinking outside the box and their knowledge and experience will create models for other libraries.  Passwords instead of library card #s for access?  Letting customers take iPads home?  Shifting budgets away from material security and into resources?  Unthinkable!  Yet - it's being done and is only the tip of the iceburg.

Then we leave with the message of I AM - Tom Shadyac's film.  The idea that humanity and society is all interconnected with nature and the world around us in so many ways.  We are not solitary...and in fact thrive in community.  Our communities thrive when we invest (time, money, energy, creativity, compassion, etc) in constant improvement - and we all benefit from that result.   All of these ideas speak to our personal and professional missions. 

This conference has been transformational for me personally and professionally - and I know I'm not the only one.  I know that planning this conference has used so many resources - but I am so grateful for the opportunity to explore these ideas.  Thank you!